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Thermally Broken Aluminum System

Ecotech is proud to introduce its Thermally Broken Aluminum line of windows and patio doors T-5000, engineered with the latest thermal break technology, which reduces heat transmittance from the outside to your home, while delivering the slim sight lines and high strength to weight ratio. Aluminum windows and doors provide a modern, clean look with high durability and strength. However, traditional aluminum has one significant disadvantage that makes it extremely unattractive in today’s energy-conscious world: Heat conductivity. Aluminum’s inherent high conductivity greatly increases the U-Factor of a window, making it a low-performing window system. Our German-Inspired Aluminum Series incorporates Thermal Breaks in its design, essentially separating the interior aluminum and exterior aluminum with a low heat conductive material. Our state of the art engineering and design makes it possible for you to enjoy the modern and clean look of our aluminum windows without sacrificing energy efficiency. Aluminum is thermally stable which makes it a preferred option for fenestration products that will not swell, shrink or crack, particularly important characteristics in areas where humidity is high and temperature changes are harsh delivering long lasting performance.


With exceptional engineering and meticulously selected top of the line components, Ecotech's Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows Series T-5100 offers excellent options that will bring an elegant look and comfort to your home for many years to come. Take a closer look at our Aluminum Window and Doors features and benefits. Available with Nail Fin, Block frame and Replacement Flange for your replacement, remodel or new construction project. Our Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows and Doors in tandem with dual and triple glaze glass packages deliver outstanding thermal performance and will keep your home cooler in the warm summer months while reducing your heating costs in the winter. With many window styles and a full line of doors to select from, including folding and swing doors, and a wide variety of enhancements and glass options, the design possibilities for your project are endless. Extend your living area with unobstructed views and beautifully functional doors from Ecotech's Thermally Broken Aluminum Door Series T-5120 and matching Windows Series T-5100.

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